We Collectively Called “T-Type Girder Bridge” It’s Like That The Bearing Structure Of Beam Bridge Is Combined By The Top Flange Of Reinforced Concrete With Girder Rib, So We Are Named That “T-Beam” Because The Section Shape Of Main Girder Is Similarity Of The Capital Letters “T”, The T-Beam Was Divided In “Highway T-Girder” And “Railway T-Girder” , According To The Form Can Be Divided Into “Simple Supported T-Beam” And “Continuous T-Beam”


T beam formwork supply for SyrDarya Bridge in Tajikistan



The bridge Located in the Urban area of Khudzhand City, the second largest city of the Republic of Tajikistan, this bridge spans  over the SyrDrya(in Tajikistan), the longest river in central Asia and is the longest highway bridge in the Republic of Tajikistan at  present. Besides, it is designed with a total length of 420m and 13 spans of which each is 30m in length. The superstructure of  this bridge adopts T-shaped girder made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete. Our company designed, manufactured and supplied 16 sets of prefabricated T-beam steel formwork for this project.



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