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 Cantilever form traveller supply for South and North Long Mountain Towns Island Bridge Project

The Form Traveller Designed And Production By Our Company It Consists Of The Main Truss System, Loading Board System,Running &Anchoring System,Lift System Of The Cantilever,Formwork And Support System.

Precast segmental box girder Engineering in Teheran expressway project

Construction Calculation&Engineering Design Segment Box Girder Formwork System DDP Delivered Duty Paid Formworks Site Guidance& Technical Training

Segment box girder Molds in Foshan Metro Project

Shandong TongYao Supplied Formwork design Segment Box Girder Formwork System Site Guidance Formworks Site Guidance& Technical Training

 Balanced cantilever Form traveller construction method in Laos PakbengThe Mekong River Bridge Project

The total length of the bridge is 700m, road length is 321m, can pass vessel displacement300tons under the bridge. The construction period is 3 years. After the project finished, It will greatly enhance the development of regional trade, traffic, transport and logistics.

Cantilever form traveller of Pakistan DhanGali Bridge Project

85m+170m+85m pre-stressed, post-tensioned continuous concrete rigid frame bridge with a total length of 340 meterspier height 36.85m. Bridge over the Jhelum River which located in the Dadyalsub division of Mirpurdistrict in Pakistan.

U Beam Formwork supply for Qingdao Metro Project

The Opening U-Beam Is Applied In The Upper Structure Of U-Beams And Replace The Traditional Structure Of Box Girder, The Underground Railway Is Directly Paved On The Bottom Structure Of U-Beams.