• The Form Traveller System Is Acclaimed For Enhancing The Cost-Effectiveness Of Bridge Projects Worldwide. The System Is Lightweight, Versatile, Easy To Assemble And Operate, Rolling Forward On Rails, The System Can Be Reset Quickly And Easily.

  • Cantilever Casting Of Cable-Stayed Bridge Mainly Uses Cable-Stayed Forming Traveller. In The Cantilever Construction Of Long Section, Large Weight, Wide Main Beam And Single Cable Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge, The Conventional Forming Traveller Structure Has Some Defects, Such As Excessive And Concentrated Stress On Anchor Point Of Concrete Main Beam And Poor Lateral Stability Of Hanging Forming Traveller.

  • The Pier Formwork Is The Support Of The Bridge Which Is One Of The Most Types For Bridges Formwork It Was Often Composed By Pier Column Formwork And Pier Head Formwork. Generally, There Are Column Pier, Round-Ended Pier,Conical Column,Y-Column, Hyperbola Pier,Vase Pier,Linear Pier,V-Pier, Rectangular Pier, Some Have “Tie Beam” Which Found In Load-Bearing Of Twin Piers And Y-Piers,It Is The Most Important And Crucial Component In Construction Of Highway Bridge,Railway Bridge,Sidewalks,Flyovers,Ramp Bridge And Platform Bridge.

  • Precast Girder Formwork Has Advantages Of High-Precision, Simple Structure,Retractile,Easy-Demoulding And Simple Operation. It Can Be Hoisted Or Dragged To Casting Site Integrally, And Demoulded Integrally Or Piecemeal After Concrete Achieving The Strength, Then Pull Out The Inner Mould From The Girder. It Is Handy Installing And Debugging, Low Labor Intensity, And High Efficient.

  • Hydraulic Tunnel Lining Trolley It Was Based On The Motor Drive Travel Mechanism To Drives The Trolley Running. As A Tunnel Concrete Molding Machine Which Effect Is Adjusted The Formwork Right And Formwork Removed By Hydrocylinder With Screw Jack. Tunnel Trolley Is Widely Used For Highway, Railway Bridge Construction,Inter-City Subway And Public Works. The Tunnel Trolley Is Includes Three Sizes 6m,9m And 12m. Which Was Travelling, Effective Support Forms And Form Removal By The Hydraulic System.

  • The T-Beam Was Divided In “Highway T-Girder” And “Railway T-Girder” , According To The Form Can Be Divided Into “Simple Supported T-Beam” And “Continuous T-Beam”

  • The Opening U-Beam Is Applied In The Upper Structure Of U-Beams And Replace The Traditional Structure Of Box Girder, The Underground Railway Is Directly Paved On The Bottom Structure Of U-Beams. The Webs On Both Sides Of U-Beams Can Be Effectively Preventing Noise From Vehicle Wheel Of Subway. The Top Flange Of U-Beam It Should Be At The Same Height As Baseplate Of The Metro Vehicles. In Case Of Emergency, It Also Can Be Used For Emergency Evacuation Routes To Provide Convenience For Passengers. Meanwhile, Because Of Vehicle Is Protected By The Side Web Plate Of U-Beam, So There Is No Need To Consider Of Collision Avoidance Function.

  • Bailey Bridge Is Used When There Is A Need To Cross An Obstacle For A Certain Time Period.This Is Often In Case Of Style Operations, During Or After Natural Disasters Replacement Or Renovation Of Consistent Bridges Or In Unusually Areas Like The Movie Industry. Thereby The Function Also Differs On Differs On Different Users Of The Bridge Which Could Be Pedestrians, Common Vehicles(Cars,Busses,Trucks),Light Steel Style Equipment (Tank) Or The Railway.