The Top Flange Of U-Beam It Should Be At The Same Height As Baseplate Of The Metro Vehicles. In Case Of Emergency, It Also Can Be Used For Emergency Evacuation Routes To Provide Convenience For Passengers. Meanwhile, Because Of Vehicle Is Protected By The Side Web Plate Of U-Beam, So There Is No Need To Consider Of Collision Avoidance Function.


U Beam Formwork supply for Qingdao Metro Project


Our company designs, manufactures and supplies 18 sets of U-beam steel formwork for this project. 

According to the published plans, ultimately there will be 16 lines  in total with a combined length of 836 km. All work is scheduled  to be finished prior to 2050.The construction of the first line,  Line 3, began on November 30, 2009. With $1.9 billion of funding , it is expected to be fully operational in late 2015 with a total of  22 stations, a total length of 24.8 km and a daily ridership of 235  000 passengers.Line 3 began trial passenger operation on  December 16, 2015.




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