The Form Traveller Is Used For Free Cantilever Construction Of Post-Tensioned Box Girder - And Cable-Stayed Concrete Bridges. Engineering To International Standards, The System Provides An Exceptionally Rigid Formwork, With A Maximum Deflection Of Less Than 25mm At Full Loading.


Overhead Form Traveller construction of Beijing-Tianjin Railway Project


Constructed by: The Sixth Engineering Bureau CREC

Specifications: Beijing-Tianjin Railway is the rapid railway which connects Tianjin City with Hebei Province and the middle & western areas of China.The railway is located between the west of Tianjin City and the middle of Hebei Province, and is among the Beijing-Shanghai Railway,Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway.It starts from Tianjin city, through Bazhou,Xiong county, to the end at Baoding in Hebei Province.It is built with the highst speed limit of 250 km/H. The total length of it is 156km, and 44% of it is in the form of bridge construction.

Product Used:Formtraveler

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